Wednesday, March 02, 2016



She blows the wand to create a magical moment for herself, once she cherished. Her heart is filled with joy when she saws the bubbles fleeting in the air, drifting and descending over the vast fields.

Her eyes sparkled with merriment when she found the bubbles floating around her.She observes closely the world of dreams glistening from its iridescent surfaces. Out of curiosity, she prods it with her fingertip to break free the world trapped between its surfaces but it burst and dissolves in the air with mist falling all around the ground. She blinks her eyes and sighs with excitement after she watches the spectacular view of the bubbles fleeting slowly on the windless summer day.

She blows the wand again to produce more soap bubbles to recapture the moment which is so delicate and fragile, like life, that sometimes burst mid-air when touched by a sudden gust of wind. She sees herself caged inside a big bubble, trapped in the past, isolated from the present moment. 

At last, she decides to lose all the care and worries of the past and live the life to the fullest- just for a day.

-Partho Sen

Sunday, February 14, 2016



All I wanted in this life is your kind gesture and unconditional love.

I slipped from my house and ran into the woods to answer the whispers coming from the place where I am certain you are looking for me. I still feel the guilt of everything I did but you bear it with a smile. I know you are waiting for me and when I ignore my heart filled with enormous guilt but I console by looking back at you. Your absence has created a dent in my heart and unknowingly I started to wish for you. I begin to dream about you and then you look splendid. I don't know but I feel uncomfortable when I can't see you. I noticed you have dreamy eyes soaked with love and the way you approached me with gravity I almost forgot to breathe. That moment you hold me and toss me with love, I gasped after you began to drink my lips. My heart begins to pound with fear and excitement but you can't let me go. At last, I calmed down to remove the cloak of rudeness and begin to subdue. That one hug completely took me aback by the sensuous feeling of enduring relationship it started and I fell in love with you.

I reached at the tree markings where we spent our time holding each others hand but you are nowhere to seem. I know our intangible relationship has frozen in time and you are watching me somewhere behind the fog. I felt devastated and my heart bereaved over the absence of your soul. You will never leave me in this way. 



An enchanting smell of roses lingered around my nose. Suddenly the air is filled with fragrance and I begin to perceive his presence. I craved for the rose he used to put on the rock each year which I collect as a sign of our eternal love. But I couldn't find it. I began to search it desperately until he showered me with love. I followed the trail carpeted with roses then I saw him came out of the fog holding a rose in his hand.

He looked divine when he smiled at me with the same warmth of love he used to show. I fell down on my knees and began to mourn.

I know we never broke up.

-Partho Sen

Sunday, January 31, 2016



I found that the weather is wet and soggy so I retreated back to my dwelling for comfort. Soon damp air hovered around my neck, forcing me to trot down the hill where I disintegrated with my pack and moved on to reconnoiter the place reported, for the possible attack of the Subhumans.

I galloped and jumped over the bushes to feel the excitement of freedom along with the damp air roaring in my ears. I have never felt such an excitement before.

I fearlessly moved on.

I tried to prey on the butterflies moving with me, I raised myself high under the damping sun to catch a few of them but fell drastically on the flower bed. I saw them fleeting and I moved on with great pace without any expectation to catch them.

I wondered while trotting on the way, why people expect so much in the life.  When their expectation doesn't meet the outcome they lost trust in themselves. Moreover, we limit ourselves by the "should be's" and failed to bring the wisest version of ourselves. Rather, we should direct us to express more independently without thinking much about others expectation.


Meanwhile, I heard the howl of the fellow troopers from the other side of the hill and we raced to meet at the rendezvous point. I stopped for a while to shake my drenched coat but got amazed to sniff the extreme threat coming from the edge of the hill. I moved stealthily off the track with fear, simply to get caught by the sight of the sheep grazing down the hill. I Sighed with relief and almost set my muzzle up to howl, then something dominates over me.

I don't know but soon greediness and expectations began to drool down from my hanging tongue.

-Partho Sen

Sunday, January 17, 2016



Eventually everything connects in this place. In the darkness.

Layer by layer, deep down the core it insinuates its presence and asks questions that influence your choices and decisions. For me, this is the perfect place to know better about yourself that you can't see in the brighter part of life. All the thoughts and expression gets introduced from this place. I wonder when I seek solitude in the darkness I have never left empty handed. It always is a place of reverence for me because the deeper I dig the more treasures I get. Amazingly, It never bothers about what amount of motivation I have hoarded instead it does not care at all. It appears that it wanted to see me pleased for some mysterious reason and regret if I have taken less in that place. 

The bonding with the darker side of life that once I were afraid of about the thought of unknown creatures that roam freely actually doesn't scary at all because I have learned that they were just the part of  nature. Whether I recognize it or not, but it is a whole world that is thriving on its own concealed from the outer world. Something just emerges out that I can't repress and it wanders aimlessly to seek solitude from the earthly matters probably far away from subhumans. 


It asks me about what is actually resonating in me and what really aligns with my thoughts. It envisages something and show me the spot of obstacles that is holding me back in life. In the caring environment, it asks me where I feel natural and tells me that there lies your strength. Amazingly, It sheds its own light to show the beauty lies in the darkness and sometimes accentuate the vague concepts more clearly that are obscured by the brighter part of life. Soon awareness comes in the form of perception, strength, and possibilities.


While resting in isolation on the grasses a decent sensation pass through me about the thought of figuring out the possibility of what actually comes out of the blue, to know more about what actually matters to me. I thought carefully in the loving environment of darkness to get the answers about something secure, which prevents me from being a subhuman.

-Partho Sen

Sunday, January 10, 2016


                                                                                     Image credit- Rob Stemple

It's never too late to make a moment for yourself.

It's never too late to enjoy the moment you have created to get back to the rhythm of life which pours fresh vibes on your heart. Tuning of the inner muse with the seasons of life is something I am better at.

Those fresh fragrances coming along with the water got better of my perception to feel the subtle moment of life again and again. Mysteriously it attenuates the darker moment and sculpts something deep down our core. Close to our heart. 

Those moments are never extinct. You can feel it calmly amidst the chaos of life all around. It manifests through your vein to express yourself more vibrantly. Why not stuff our life with the dearest moment to fill the emptiness of life. 

Oh, I am developing a relationship with it and would love to pretend like a spurned lover who simply seeks his muse who is sulked near the river, to redeem the rhythm of life. 

                                                                              Image credit- martinak15

While prowling near the river and looking back at the scratches on the tree, I sniffed the beat, as if howling that the best way to get back into the life is to just carry on even you can’t hear the beat. They can do everything to distract you from your goal even persuade you to change your path but you should look at them as an obstacle between you and your dreams. Sometimes we often pretend to be gregarious and match our tune with them, to stroke their feelings but deep down the core you’ll never be happy. If the circumstances are not the way you see then make the one you wish to see.

Meanwhile, I wondered why my heart doesn't match the rhythm of the scene but I pondered and persuaded myself, in an amicable way, that she isn't an illusionist or a sub-human.

-Partho Sen

Sunday, January 03, 2016



Time has just breathed out its last and the current moment is ambushing with new challenges to meet further. Instead of moving round and round and reconstructing your life it's better to stick with the same path that you're familiar with. My resolution.

The path that I have walked so far has presented me with the bittersweet taste of life that I have enjoyed so much now I feel addicted to it. It seems that I am acquainted with all the obstacle that I have tackled on the way is driving me to move ahead. The event that I have witnessed, experienced, felt along has filled me with new confidence to tread further. Something asking me not to afraid of the challenges that we will meet because there lies the real excitement that we are wildly seeking for. I am getting curious about what is going to happen next. 

What thrill has hidden behind that vagueness? I don't know.

This path, I still don't know where I am standing right now. But I do remember how many times I have fallen, the wounds and scars I have got, the battles I have fought, the victories and defeat that I have received, truly shaped me into a new well being. Indeed, I lost in the wilderness, felt guided by the mysteries, and every time I gathered strength to prepare myself for the next adventure of life. I am confused about what the end would look like but I am damn sure that it would be wonderful.

The little experience that we have gathered along the journey could help us to determine the situations with more clarity. Challenges have no mercy, it often attacks suddenly when you are unsuspecting and at this point it will test your willingness.Failing and coming back again to meet the challenges actually defines you who you are. Move ahead!

-Partho Sen

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


                                                                                       Image credit- Image Catalog

I have never felt this before.

No, this is not the first time I am feeling this but every time I feel, I grow with it.

When I feel it I found myself lost in the wilderness seeking something. Still I am lost but I am aware of myself. While treading on the wilderness, we often feel ourselves constantly beleaguered by some unknown force, halting us to delve further, not knowing that we are almost standing at the brink of the happiness. Sometimes we are lost so much in our lives that we hardly have any time left to enjoy the musings of life.

It's interesting that we often put barriers on ourselves by some outside factors that have nothing to do with our lives. Those barriers are self-imposed. Often, we felt that we are under the impression of someone influential who owes us and command us when to become happy in our lives. Possibly the arrogant laugh of the sub-humans, that you fear, truly echoes their pathetic lives across the wilderness.

I have learnt by some nice people that if we act like a prey they will act like a predator. Those sub-humans who are gloating somewhere in the wilderness, are themselves oppressed and lead a compromising life as compared to us. Instead, you should thank yourself that you are far better because you are enjoying the moments of life so that nothing remains unfulfilled. These moments are precious because this can be remembered forever for the time ahead. 

It is upon us how we perceive the situations that life present before us. Indeed, there may be some circumstances where positivity doesn't work but this completely depend on us whether you choose to react or remain unaffected by it. If we don't react then probably it may be a sign of shifting one's perspective to approach life with full momentum, with the hope of some magical moments.

-Partho Sen